created: 05/15/2015

Fill in the Blanks

Instructions:   This is a fill-in-the-blank exercise. Each question consists of a sentence with one or two words left out. For each question, think of the word or phrase that should fill each blank, then click on the blanks to see if you are correct.

1. Software consists of both _______________ and _______________.

2. The _______________ is the main circuit board of a computer.

3. A modern processor may contain _______________ of transistors, although early processors contained only a few _______________ transistors.

4. _______________ is the memory most closely connected to the processor.

5. _______________ is the memory used for long-term mass storage of programs and data.

6. Memory that looses information when power is removed is called _______________.

7. An _______________ device is used to bring data into a computer system.

8. An _______________ is a computer system that is part of a larger machine and which controls how that machine operates.

9. _______________ is the process of starting up the operating system of a computer when power is first applied.

10. The _______________ consists of many networks that have been connected together to form one huge worldwide network.

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