created: 05/15/2015

Fill in the Blanks

Instructions:   This is a fill-in-the-blank exercise. Each question consists of a sentence with one or two words left out. For each question, think of the word or phrase that should fill each blank, then click on the blanks to see if you are correct.

1. ______ _____ holds programs and data that the processor is actively working with.

2. A group of eight bits is usually called a _________.

3. 210, often abbreviated K, is approximately _________ and is exactly _________. 220, often abbreviated M, is approximately _________. 230, often abbreviated G, is approximately _________.

4. 2M times 2N = _________

5. In modern computers, each byte of main memory has an __________ which is used to locate it.

6. The processor can perform two fundamental operations on main memory: it can __________ the bit pattern stored at an address in memory, and it can __________ a bit pattern to an address in memory.

7. With a hard disk, bits are recorded on the surface of a spinning disk which has been coated with a __________ material.

8. Hard disks are slow compared to main memory because they operate by __________ a mechanical read/write head.

9. A __________ is a collection of information that has been given a name and is stored in secondary memory.

10. Keeping the files on the hard drive organized and enabling programs to read and write them is one of the jobs of the _____________.

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