created: 7/27/99; revised 7/03/2011, 10/25/2017

Fill in the Blanks

Instructions:   This is a fill-in-the-blank exercise. Each question consists of a sentence with one or two words left out. A button represents the missing word(s). For each question, think of what should fill each blank, then click on the buttons to see if you are correct.

This exercise reviews the steps of the method used to run programs.

Step 1. Start up Microsoft File to view files and folders on your hard disk.

Step 2. through the hierarchy of files and folders until you see the folder that holds your program. You may need to create a new .

Step 3. Start a window by clicking in the file view.

Step 4. In the browser window, highlight the program with the mouse, then copy it into the using the "copy" command from the menu.

Step 5. Copy the program into Notepad using the command from Notepad's menu.

Step 6. From Notepad save the program to a file using the command from Notepad's menu.

Step 7. In the command window, use the command to check if the file is there. Then compile the program using and run it using the command .

End of the Exercise. If you want to do it again, click on "Refresh" in your browser window.

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