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quiz Quiz on Primitive Data quiz

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1. What is a data type?

A.    The part of the CPU that does arithmetic.

B.    A part of main memory used to store data.

C.    A particular scheme for representing values with bit patterns.

D.    The collection of variables that a program uses.

2. What is a Java primitive data type?

A.    A method for representing values that is so useful that it is a fundamental part of the language.

B.    A crude form of representing numbers.

C.    The part of Java that is the same as in older languages.

D.    A data type that cannot be used as part of an object.

3. Which of the following is NOT the name of a Java primitive data type?

A.    int

B.    float

C.    double

D.    String

4. Say that a particular item of data in a Java program does NOT use a primitive data type. What must it be?

A.    An object.

B.    A number.

C.    A literal.

D.    A boolean.

5. Can character data be stored in computer memory?

A.    No—computers can only store numbers.

B.    No—computer memory can only store patterns.

C.    Yes—characters are stored in special memory.

D.    Yes—a primitive data type is used to store characters.

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