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Programming Exercises

Exercise 1 — User-Friendly Division Practice

Enhance the DivisionPractice program from the chapter:

  1. Put in a loop so that the user is repeatedly asked for the numerator and the divisor. For each set of data, the program prints out the result, or an informative error message if there is a problem (division by zero or poor input data).
  2. The program continues looping, even if there is a problem
  3. Exit the loop when data entered for the numerator start with characters "q" or "Q". Don't print out an error message in this case.
  4. Don't ask for the divisor if the user just asked to quit.

Here is sample output from one run:

Enter the numerator: 12
Enter the divisor:  4
12 / 4 is 3

Enter the numerator: 12
Enter the divisor  : 0
You can't divide 12 by 0

Enter the numerator: glarch
You entered bad data.
Please try again.

Enter the numerator: quit

You will need to use the method charAt() from the String class.

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Exercise 2 — Addition of Multiple Groups

Write a program that inputs a list of numbers that are arranged into groups of various sizes. The program outputs the sum of the numbers in each group. Each group starts with a one-line descriptive phrase. The phrase can be anything that is not a number. Some groups may have zero number in them.

Group A
Group B
Group C
Last Group

Use file redirection for the input file. (Copy and past the above data to your own text file for testing.) With the above data, the program writes:

Group A
Sum = -44

Group B
Sum = 5

Group C
Sum = 0

Last Group
Sum = 108
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