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Quiz on Byte Output Steams

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1. What is the best definition of a binary file?

A.    A file whose bytes contain only ones and zeros.

B.    A file whose bytes might contain any pattern of ones and zeros.

C.    A file that only contains bytes.

D.    A file that does not contain any bytes that represent characters.

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2. How many patterns can be formed from 8 bits?

A.    8

B.    16

C.    64

D.    256 == 28

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3. What abstract data type is the ancestor of all streams that output byte-oriented data?

A.    OutputStream

B.    ByteOutputStream

C.    BinaryOutputStream

D.    ByteStream

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4. Which of the following opens the file "myData.stuff" for output first deleting any file with that name?

A.    FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream( "myData.stuff", true )

B.    FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream( "myData.stuff")

C.    DataOutputStream dos = new DataOutputStream( "myData.stuff" )

D.    FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream( new BufferedOutputStream( "myData.stuff") )

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5. What is an advantage of using a DataOutputStream?

A.    A DataOutputStream has convenient methods for output of primitive data types.

B.    A DataOutputStream translates primitive data into characters.

C.    A DataOutputStream uses the particular data format of the computer it is running on.

D.    A DataOutputStream need not be used with other streams.

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6. What is the name of the printed output of a program that shows the byte-by-byte contents of a binary file?

A.    Charmed Display

B.    Hex Dump

C.    Binary Refuse

D.    Pattern Listing

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7. A program writes ten int values to a new file. How many bytes long is the file?

A.    Depends on the size of the values in the ints.

B.    10

C.    20

D.    40

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8. What is the DataOutputStream method that writes double precision floating point values to a stream?

A.    write()

B.    writeDouble()

C.    writeFloat()

D.    writeBytes()

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9. One of the bit patterns that an int variable might hold, as it might be written on paper or on a blackboard, is:

00000000 01010101 11111111 00001111

Which eight bits are the low-order byte?

A.    00000000

B.    01010101

C.    11111111

D.    00001111

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10. What DataOutputStream method reports the number of bytes written to a stream so far?

A.    size()

B.    length()

C.    written()

D.    flush()

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