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A window is a rectangular area of the computer screen used to display graphics and to hold components for user interactions.


Graphics programs put graphical components inside a window. Of course, in software the components are software objects. The objects live in memory and are connected to each other in various ways. The graphics system has the job of using the objects and their connections to produce a picture on the monitor.

The class of a window object is Stage. A Stage is a window that has nice borders, buttons along the top border, and other features. A Stage is the container that holds the other graphics components.

Like all software objects, a Stage object is a section of main memory that holds information and methods. With the help of the operating system and the graphics board, Java paints a picture on the computer monitor for the window. What you see on the monitor is a graphical rendering of on the Stage and the objects it contains.


Does the visual appearance of the window depend on the OS and the device the program is running on?

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