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rotten apple on Graphics

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1. What is the name of the collection of packages that contains the most recent graphical components?

A.    JavaFX

B.    Swing

C.    AWT

D.    JFC

2. What class represents a window?

A.    Scene

B.    Frame

C.    Screen

D.    Stage

3. What is the role of the Application class?

A.    The Application class is a framework for creating a JavaFX application. Your application must extend Application and override its start() method.

B.    The Application class is a package of graphics classes.

C.    The Application class represents the entire screen of the computer monitor.

D.    The Application class is where the main logic of a graphical application is put.

4. When does the main Stage for a JavaFX Application get created?

A.    Your start() method calls a constructor for Stage.

B.    The launch() method of the Application class creates the Stage and calls your start() with a reference to it.

C.    The Application class represents the window, which appears on the monitor when your Application is constructed.

D.    When a Scene is created.

5. What is a location in a digital image called?

A.    pipin

B.    pixie

C.    pixel

D.    pickle

6. Can a Circle or other Shape object be placed directly one the Stage?

A.    No. A Stage must contain a Scene which contains the scene graph.

B.    Yes.

7. Examine the constructor for Circle:

Circle circ = Circle( centerX, centerY, radius, fill);

What is the data type of the first three parameters?

A.    int

B.    long

C.    float

D.    double

8. What is a scene graph?

A.    A scene graph the the area of the monitor screen used for the window.

B.    A scene graph is a graphical object such as a circle, line, or rectangle.

C.    A scene graph is a data structure containing all the nodes that represents the contents of a scene.

D.    A scene graph is a curvy line that shows the relationship between two quantities.

9. Say that the Scene is 400 pixels wide and 300 pixels high. Which of the following represents a horizontal Line from one side the the other in the middle of the Scene?

A.    Line( 0.0, 300.0/2, 0.0, 300.0)

B.    Line( 0.0, 300.0/2, 400.0, 300.0)

C.    Line( 0.0, 300.0/2, 400.0/2, 300.0)

D.    Line( 0.0, 300.0/2, 400.0, 300.0/2)

10. Which of the following sets the fill color of the Circle to 50% opaque blue?

A.    circle.set( BLUE );

B.    circle.setFill( BLUE );

C.    circle.setFill( new Color( 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.5 );

D.    circle.setFill( new Color( 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 0.5 );

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