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Chapter 47 Programming Exercises

Exercise 1 — More Cone Methods

Add two methods to the Cone class:

The constructor remains unchanged.

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Exercise 2 — Cylinder class

right circular cylinder

Create a class for right circular cylinders. Model it on the Cone class of the chapter. Create a testing class CylinderTester to verify that your code works.

Decide on the instance variables that the class needs. Make them private. Include setter and getter methods for them.

Include methods for the volume and surface area of a cylinder. The volume of a right circular cylinder is the area of its base times its height:

V = πr2h

The surface area is the area of its base, plus the area of its top, plus the area of the rectangle formed by its flattened out side:

V = 2πr2 + 2πrh

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End of the Exercises