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Quiz on Interfaces

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1. What is an interface?

A.    An interface is a collection of constants and method headers.

B.    An interface is a class that a child class can extend.

C.    An interface is a collection of abstract methods.

D.    An interface is the collection of public methods of a class.

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2. When a class implements an interface, what must it do?

A.    It must redefine each constant from the interface.

B.    It must declare and provide a method body for each method in the interface.

C.    It must declare a variable for each constant in the interface.

D.    It must include a private method for each method in the interface.

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3. Is the following a correct way to start out a class definition:

public class SomeClass implements MyInterface

A.    No — SomeClass must also extend a base class.

B.    No — SomeClass cannot be public if it implements an interface

C.    Yes — SomeClass is a child of MyInterface

D.    Yes — SomeClass is automatically a child of the class Object.

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4. Can an interface name be used as the type of a variable, like this:

public static void main( String[] args )
  SomeInterface x;


A.    No — a variable must always be an object reference type.

B.    No — a variable must always be an object reference type or a primitive type.

C.    No — a variable must always be a primitive type.

D.    Yes — the variable can refer to any object whose class implements the interface.

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5. Can an interface be given the private access modifier?

A.    No — then the interface could never be used.

B.    No — since only private classes could use the interface.

C.    Yes — this would make all of its methods and constants private.

D.    Yes — this would mean that only classes in the same file could use the interface.

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